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About  The Traveling Mediums
As gifted Metropolitan Detroit psychics serving Oakland County, and Macomb is on a mission by touching with one client at a time to help give them the best spiritual advice and guidance from the angels and and your spirit guides. We helped direct thousands of grateful people by leading them out of the darkness into the light of their rightful spiritual path toward a life filled with prosperity and joy. I also am proud to work with the best Michigan psychic medium and Tarot card reader. I only hang out with the best psychics in Michigan.
We offer prediction by the means of straight channeling, past life information, mediumship which is when one of us acts as a conduit for information to filter through from a spirit, which is usually a loved one from the other side. Many readers use divination tools such as tarot cards, oracle cards, numerology, astrology, crystal ball, crystal runes, palmistry. 

I offer private readings in person and by phone. Even in the darkest of situations, I will personally look for the light that is ahead. I will find your lesson you must learn so you can end the pain and turn the corner into a more joyful existence. t will be totally up to the subject if they want to and are ready to take the guidance. Change can be frightening itself, sometime emotional pain and baggage can be more comfortable because if its familiarity than going through the process of making changes to bring in the joy, light and positive circumstances.

Our Michigan psychic readers aim is to help our clients see the larger picture as if you were looking down from a spaceship seeing a aerial view of the earth. Then you will realize that a small fix in a situation can make a huge difference in your life. We are looking forward to introducing you to our new Macomb psychic serving Michigan.